财务行政经理Finance and Admin Manager

Are you a qualified accountant with experience in managing financial and administrative operations? Do you have strong technical skills and fluency in Chinese (Mandarin)? Do you want to join a global media leader and witness news reporting?

If yes, then we have an exciting opportunity for you!

As the finance and admin manager, you will be the sole finance professional in the company and work closely with other senior managers and external auditors. You will have full accountability of the financial performance and condition of the company, as well as provide financial analysis and advice to support strategic decision making and business growth. You will also be responsible for managing the office building, ensuring that it is well-maintained, secure, and compliant with health and safety standards.


 -- Oversee end-to-end accounting practices, prepare and post monthly accruals, prepayments and other accounting entries

- Monitor reporting systems, prepare accurate financial reports and statements, interpret data, prepare all financial documents

- Manage all aspects of accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting for the organization.

- Lead the payroll, VAT, HMRC, and fixed assets processes and coordinate with external auditors

 - Ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices for financial and administrative operations

- Manage the office building and its maintenance, security, and health and safety standards

 - Liaise with suppliers, contractors, and service providers to ensure smooth and efficient office operations


To be successful in this role, you should have:

 - A bachelor's degree in accounting, finance or a related field, and at least five years of experience in a similar role

 - A professional accounting qualification (ACA, ACCA, CIMA or equivalent)

 - Strong technical accounting knowledge, Excel skills, and experience with Sage or other systems

 - Fluency in both spoken and written Chinese (Mandarin) and excellent communication skills across different cultures and regions

 - Self-motivation, proactivity, and confidence

- Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities

 - Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks

 - High level of integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail

This is a great career opportunity for someone looking for a unique opportunity to make an impact. If you are interested, please apply now, and send you CV and UK visa status to human.resources@phoenixcnetv.com




Job Advertisement: MCR Operator MCR操作员

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work in the dynamic field of television broadcasting? We are currently seeking a skilled and motivated MCR Operator to join our team at our studios in London. As an MCR Operator, you will play a vital role in managing fibre optics, satellite transmissions, and studio equipment, ensuring seamless operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key Job Responsibilities:

• Co-ordinate and organise global fibre and satellite transmissions, ensuring smooth and efficient broadcast operations on a shift basis.

• Set up and operate studio equipment, guaranteeing high-quality transmission.

• Monitor broadcasts to ensure they meet quality standards and address any issues promptly.

• Operate and maintain the computerized playout system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

• Perform video tape and quality control work to ensure optimal playback quality.

• Identify and resolve technical faults by employing troubleshooting techniques, minimizing downtime.

• Collaborate with third-party facilities worldwide, facilitating effective communication and coordination.

Personal Skills Required:

• Fluent in Chinese & English

• Ability to work well under pressure and handle demanding situations with professionalism.

• Strong communication skills, both face to face and over the phone, enabling effective collaboration with team members and external parties.

• Excellent attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and precision in all tasks performed.

• Capacity to work autonomously and as part of a team, adapting to different work scenarios and contributing to the collective success.

If you have a passion for television broadcasting and possess the necessary skills and qualifications, we invite you to join our dynamic team as an MCR Operator. We offer a competitive salary, opportunities for professional growth, and the chance to work in a fast-paced and innovative environment.

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience and why you are interested in the position to human.resources@phoenixcnetv.com. We look forward to receiving your application and considering you for this exciting opportunity.


实习生招聘 (常年招聘)
有意向者,请将简历及近期作品发到  human.resources@phoenixcnetv.com 并注明应聘的实习生岗位

新媒体日常运营实习生 要求:

视频剪辑实习生 要求:





1         普通话纯正,音质好,形象端庄大方。

2         本科或以上学历,中英文功底扎实。

3         有2年电视新闻记者、电视制作相关经验。

4         有电视新闻主持经验更佳。

5         新闻嗅觉敏锐,能够胜任新闻节目采访,拍摄,剪辑等工作任务。

6         能够熟练使用Office系列办公软件,视频编辑软件Adobe Premiere, Final cut Pro 图像处理软件Photoshop etc.

7         有契约精神,爱奋斗,不计较个人得失,热爱媒体工作。

8         具备很强的团队精神、管理能力,责任感强,乐观上进、善于沟通,思维严谨,逻辑性强,具有较强的自主解决问题能力、自我学习能力、抗压能力和创新精神。

9         性别不限,全职招聘。



Mandarin speaking News Reporter/Presenter


Experienced News Reporter, fluent in Mandarin, required for Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Ltd based in Richmond, London. The company has a global news presence and is hoping to onboard a talented News Reporter to work in its News team. 

Central to the role is a core interest in international news and TV editing /production experience. 

Essential skills:

1 Voice suitable for broadcast and fluent in Mandarin 

2 Bachelor’s degree or above, fluent in both English and Mandarin 

3 Min 2yrs Experience in TV journalism and TV production.

4 TV presenting experience is preferred but not a must; 

5 Has a good grasp of international News and Current affairs and is capable of interviewing, filming, editing and other tasks.

6 Proficient in using Office series office software, video editing software Adobe Premiere, Final cut Pro image processing software Photoshop etc.

7 Has a passion for media work.

8 A strong team-player, self-motivated, strong sense of responsibility, optimistic and good at communication, rigorous thinking, strong logic, strong ability to solve problems independently, self-learning ability, stress resistance and innovative spirit.

9 Male or female, full-time; 

Application: Please send your resume in English and Chinese, as well as any news reports, presenting videos, or other relevant videos or links to Human.Resources@phoenixcnetv.com





二、 招聘岗位:

三、 职位描述


1、 熟悉了解摄影基本知识及操作程序,熟悉各种摄影用品的性能,特点和使用方法及保管、保养方法




















1、 脑洞大,创意能力强,有一定数量的代表作品;

2、 具备独立的采写编能力和经验,具备良好的审美观和鉴赏力;

3、 能够独立完成视频拍摄、剪辑、后期编辑制作,根据文桉要求进行剪辑,完成视频的剪接、音频处理;熟练使用Photoshop、final cut、Adobe Premiere 、AE等后期软件。

4、 根据不同的视频要求,针对性的对其制订多种方桉,考虑其拍摄和制作的可行性,制订拍摄文桉;

5、 色彩感觉敏锐,具有独特的镜头画面风格;根据对片子的整体把握,对其风格,节奏和包装形式进行剪辑;

6、 各类相关规格尺寸视频的特效制作,包括异形LED屏幕影片、片头、片花、过场动画、配乐、加花字等;


1.       热爱影视行业,熟悉宣发流程,有一定的电视、网络、媒体资源优先;

2.       有较强的文字功底,擅长各类新媒体传播内容的原创制作;

3.       具有较强的文桉策划及写作能力;能熟练使用Photoshop、熟练制作PPT;

4.       熟悉各类媒体传播手段、渠道通路以及属性特点,积极有效地推进各项宣传推广工作;

5.       思维活跃、网感突出、有较强的独立工作能力和执行力,并具有良好的团队协作精神。

6.       能够策划制作影视项目相关的各类新媒体宣传内容以及传播运作;

7.       能够独立策划影视项目的宣发方桉、招商方桉;

8.       能够执行影视项目的整体宣发营销工作(影视项目从剧本研发到拍摄、后期、发行、上映期间的所有宣传推进工作),以实现宣发目标;

9.       能够负责与各种媒体沟通、联络和巩固,并拓展媒体资源;

10.   能够负责影视项目的舆情汇总、结桉报告、效果评估等。



1.       了解影视制作流程,富有责任心、团队合作精神。

2.       协助制片进行前期筹备、现场控制、演员统筹, 对外联络等工作。

3.       负责现场车辆的安排和调度,出差人员的交通食宿预定等工作。

4.       片场协调,沟通,辅助工作,以及任何制作组中相关资料归纳管理。

5.       语言沟通能力强,和思想缜密,有良好的待人接物原则。